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Mini Turn-Out May 3,2015
This video will surely bring a smile to your face! Mostly rescued Canadian PMU mares and their offspring plus Gracie, rescued Thoroughbred, Josephine, rescued half-blind Standardbred Mare/former Amish buggy horse, Elinore, former Amish work horse and Emma, former Amish work mule.

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Our 14th Annual Awards Dinner & Charity Auction Invitation

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Bebe Neuwirth

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Bebe Neuwirth delivers a special message in support of Equine Advocates. Neuwirth was honored by Equine Advocates for her life-long commitment to helping and protecting animals, and for her strong public stance against horse slaughter.
 Bebe's video for EA

2015 American Equine Summit - Videos
For your interest and information, we are pleased to provide the presentation videos of our distinguished guest speakers from our 2015 American Equine Summit. Learn more...

Next Open Day at the Sanctuary
Our next Open Day is on Saturday, July11th. Please come see us if you are in the area!

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Elinore was named to honor the memory of a great friend of Equine Advocates, Elinore B. Gordon. Elinore was an Amish work horse when she was rescued by Equine Advocates. She was adopted out for several years but came back to us in 2009. Elinore spends her days with Gracie & Josephine in a field we call "Three's Company." Elinore is proudly sp...
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Do Horses Sleep Standing Up?

The perfect gift for a child who loves horses!

Full of photos of adorable horses, ponies, donkeys and mules—all of whom were rescued by Equine Advocates and who currently reside at our horse sanctuary, Do Horses Sleep Standing Up?

$20 includes shipping/handling.
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